Dear Governor Martinez

I believe that the shooting in Los Lunas on 3-30-11 was elicited by the Federal Government and the state of New Mexico. I myself had some very horrific things happen to me while living in New Mexico. You can view some if it here: Even now, Iím forced to live in penury and Iím being stalked by Christians diurnally. They are stabbing holes in my tent. I put a lock on the zipper to keep them out and somehow they got a key from Attorney Jacquelyn Robins and they go inside my tent and destroy my property. I have no more money to replace the lock. In Albuquerque they drugged my food and Iím afraid that the same thing will happen again. My bike is being destroyed at Walmart and the Los Lunas library. I believe that the shooting in Los Lunas may be similar because it was a domestic call and the Government is forcing people to adhere to a contorted Christianity to establish anarchy and a result of Christian leadership as shown here: The State of New Mexico needs to do a thorough investigation because people are being murdered as a result of this contorted machination. Some of the members of the Los Lunas police department are involved but not all. There are a few that do not want any part of this insanity. Can you please help?
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